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    Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.


    As a specialist in energy and public policy,

    We support the next generation of agriculture in the region.


    Chiba Ecological Energy Inc. is an environmental and energy venture company that originated in Chiba University.

    Our efforts in agricultural solar power generation(Farming PV/Agrivoltaic) have been introduced

    by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) as a good practice case study,

    and we have been invited to participate in international conferences such as the G20 Niigata Agricultural Ministerial Conference.

    In addition, we also accept overseas visitors and speak at international academic forums,

    and we are a specialist in agricultural photovoltaic power generation that is trusted by many people in Japan and out of Japan.

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    Institutions and Policies

    We discuss and make recommendations on the policies needed for our country.We also read policy intentions, realize projects that are truly necessary for the country and region, and develop good practices horizontally.

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    Academic and Basic Research

    As a Chiba University launched venture company, the president of the company holds a doctoral degree and is strong in research and testing of new social systems and has a proven track record in national research projects.

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    We emphasize the importance of being rooted in and living with the region.We refine and communicate the value of mountainous and suburban areas that do not exist in a centralized, city-centric society.

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    Utilizing our own operational experience, we cover the entire value chain of agricultural photovoltaic power generation, providing consistent support from the planning stage to actual construction.

  • Full support for farm-based solar power generation projects

      We provide support based on our experience in operating our own farm-based solar power generation systems and consulting services.  


    Planning and Business Development

    • Support for business plan development

    • Support for temporary diversion permit applications

    • Arranging for an expert opinion

    • Introduction to Investors


    Design and Construction

    • Arrangement of equipment and materials

    • Introduction of material manufacturers

    • Design supervision

    • Third-party evaluation of estimates and business plans


    Operation and management

    • Assisting in the preparation of farm reports
    • Agriculture Management Services

    • Advisory services

  • Please consult with us

    whether it is operational or not.


    We have extensive experience in supporting commercialization, buying

    and selling projects, and preparing third-party evaluation reports.


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  • Who is our president?

    Takeshi Magami

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    President Executive Officer

    Born in 1983.

    President of Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.

    Executive Director of the Federation of Solar Power Operators.

    President of the Solar Sharing Promotion Alliance.

    He is the first person in Japan to be awarded a doctorate in public affairs after completing the doctoral program in public affairs at Chiba University's Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.In October 2012, he founded Chiba Ecological Energy Inc. as a university launched venture, which is involved in regional development projects using renewable energy both in Japan and abroad.

    He is a member of the expert committee of the Global Warming Prevention Council of Chiba City, a member of the Environmental Council of Yachiyo City, and a member of the planning working group on the technical evaluation and formulation of guidelines (agricultural type) for improving the reliability and safety of solar power generation facilities.

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